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Age of Empires 4

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Age of Empires is back with Age of Empires Online

Now that Microsoft anounced Age of Empires Online, we are just happy that the AoE Series is still alive. Whether you like what you see of this game or not, the real Age of Empires 4 now has a good chance to be Robot Entertainment's next project.

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About Age of Empires 4

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Even though Age of Empires 4 has not been officially announced and there is still very little information available we believe that it's only a matter of time until the series will be continued. We want to be prepared for the release. Meanwhile we have some facts for you and a couple of good links.

Age of Empires is a series of computer video games developed by Ensemble Studios and published by MS Game Studios. The first title of the series was Age of Empires, released in 1997. Since then, seven titles and three spin-offs have been released. The titles are historical real-time strategy games, and their gameplay revolves around two main game modes: random map and campaign. The games are set amidst historical events. Source

Please note that Age of Empires 4 has not been officially announced yet.

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